Marriott Timeshares are Relatively Well-Reviewed, but Consensus the Same 

In understanding the timeshare industry as a whole, there are many expert sources that provide valuable advice such as timeshare attorneys and consumer advocacy groups. However, to understand a particular resort, timeshare reviews are a valuable tool in deciding whether or not the timeshare is right for you.

Timeshare customers that have experienced timeshare resorts firsthand are the experts of the locations and policies of particular companies. Marriott timeshare resorts have become the largest and most widely reviewed in the industry. After hours of researching Marriott timeshare reviews, there is a general consensus. While Marriott timeshares offer nice facilities and better customer service than most, timeshare reviews are still overwhelmingly negative. 

Negatives Still Outweigh Oositives in Marriott Timeshare Reviews 

Marriott Timeshare Reviews
Let’s begin with the positive attributes commonly found in Marriott timeshare reviews. Customers who review Marriott seem to be very pleasantly surprised with the quality of their timeshare resorts. Marriott offers beautiful locations with sensational amenities, such as resorts in Orlando and Singer Island, Florida. Marriott timeshare units are also very well reviewed, noted for their friendly staff, clean rooms, and quality service. However, all of these positives still do not make up for the Marriott timeshare reviews that contain great customer frustration.

While customer service in the Marriott timeshare resort may be positively reviewed, the corporate timeshare machine remains the same. Difficulty reserving rooms even far in advance, inability to reach anyone for help, and extreme hidden fees are still replete throughout Marriott timeshare reviews. A notable Marriott reviewer claims to have reserved and paid for an oceanfront view that he did not receive. When he attempted to call corporate to alleviate the situation, no one in Marriott corporate could be reached and he was stuck, without any legal recourse.

The main problems outlined in the Marriott timeshare reviews deal with the way the timeshare industry works as a whole. Because Marriott timeshare resorts are much nicer than most, the annual cost plus the maintenance fees seem astronomical. These fees can, and according to most Marriott timeshare reviews, will increase rapidly over the years. A vacation is not guaranteed, either, especially with floating time agreements. Reviewers often find themselves stuck paying large fees to simply keep up with their Marriott timeshare contract, even when they are unable to reserve the week they need to use for their vacation.

The general conclusion from most Marriott timeshare reviews: while the locations and facilities are superior to most timeshare resorts, the negative aspects of the timeshare industry still far outweighs the resorts themselves. This does not alleviate the Marriott company from any wrongdoing whatsoever. Marriott timeshare reviews have still made it abundantly clear that this company takes part in a business practice designed to dupe consumers into signing a binding contract that does harm to the consumer. Most reviewers of the Marriott timeshare company heavily advise you to stay as far away from their timeshares as possible.

5/5/2014 02:00:14

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Nancy Hue
7/23/2014 13:42:54

We went to try out a time share with Marriott in 2008. They have sold our phone number so many times I can't count. I have received over 70 phone calls from people trying to sell us we won some vacation package or "deal" saying they are calling us because we went to a Marriott timeshare trial. I have asked to be taken off of phone lists, I have bee cursed at. .. Marriott is not trustworthy..


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